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August 2017

5-STAR REVIEW: Uniti Atom | What Hi-Fi?

“Rarely does a product look and sound as good as the Uniti Atom, but here Naim has drawn big old capital S’s on Style and Substance.”  > READ MORE

AWARD: Product Of The Month | Uniti Core | Gramophone

“Designed to sit at the heart of a multiroom streaming audio system, the new Naim ripper/store/streamer also makes perfect sense as a stand-alone source.”  > READ MORE

March 2017:

FEATURE: Best Wireless Speaker | Mu-so and Mu-so Qb | T3 The Gadget Website

‘If you want the best Wi-Fi speaker there is for under a grand, this is it… you have a near-perfect 21st century speaker.’

“The Mu-so Qb ticks just about every box, is a lot more affordable than its big brother, and gives arguably more bang for your buck. That’s why it’s number one in this list and in our hearts.”  > READ MORE

February 2017:

FEATURE: Mu-so Qb | Gear Patrol

‘truly a custom-engineered product, with every detail contributing to audio greatness’  > FIND OUT MORE

December 2016:

AWARD: Best Power Amplifier of the Year | NAP 300 DR | Hi-Fi Plus Awards 2016

“the NAP 300 DR shines out as a perfect expression of what Naim does so fundamentally right in all its products. In our test, Roy Gregory was deeply impressed by its, “presence and dynamic authority of its mid-bass, so vital to the feeling of instrumental identity, scale, and power, the intimacy it brings to vocals, its agility and poise, its easy sense of tempo, be that relaxed or hesitant, measured, or urgent.”

October 2016:

AWARD: Best Music Streamer £2000+ | ND5 XS | What Hi-Fi? Awards 2016

“A fully featured, insightful and captivating streamer that does it all – one of the best high-end streamers we’ve ever tested”  > FIND OUT MORE

AWARD: Best Wireless Speaker £800+ | Mu-so | What Hi-Fi Awards 2016 

“A hugely desirable wireless speaker with hi-fi aspirations, the Mu-so is stunning”  > FIND OUT MORE


September 2016:

REVIEW: NAP 250 DR | Audio Esoterica Australia

“There’s a clear statement here: ‘follow us on our path and we’ll take you to the music’. And indeed, with the NAP 250 DR, that’s exactly the destination. And really, what more can you ask of any amplifier…”


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